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Consultant home

Consultant Dashboard

Consultants can view a list of their requests, both pending and completed, create new requests, view submissions, and manage clients.

Client requests

Client Dashboard

Clients use the intuitive, streamlined interface to view pending and completed requests from their consultants.



Clients and consultants can use the messenging system to communicate quickly and efficiently about projects.

New request

Create Request

Consultants fill out information about the request, including description, requirements for the submission (file type, for example), the category (File, Image, Text, or Login), and select which client to send the request to.

Edit submission

Create/Edit Submission

Clients can create a submission and check it as completed or come back later to finish.

View submissions

View Submissions

Consultants can see a list of submissions they have received from their clients.

Add client

Add Client

Consultants can add new clients to their dashboard. If the client does not already have an account with ZenJobs, they will receive an email inviting them to sign up.

All clients

View Clients

Consultants can view a list of all of their clients and have the ability to change clients' states from active to archived.